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Reach out to the next generation of interpreters!

Help us dispel the myths about interpreting.

Many educators and guidance counselors simply do not know that interpreting is a viable career path. In fact, it is intellectually challenging and presents great flexibility and opportunity for those within the profession. Whether you are interpreting for a student in kindergarten or interpreting a lecture on organic gardening, everyday is a new adventure as an interpreter.

In order for us to meet the demand and prepare interpreters for future employment, we need you!

Join us as an ambassador!

If you love your work as an interpreter and have good public speaking skills (Come on, you’re an interpreter—of course you do!), then we want you! Become an ambassador and take our presentation out into your community. You know best who in your community should be convinced that interpreting is right for them. Plus, it’s fun and we’ll give you all the tools you need to take our presentation to your local community.

Target audiences

  • High schools and middle schools (especially those with ASL programs or Deaf students on campus)
  • Community-based organizations and churches
  • Parents/Siblings of Deaf people
  • Local Deaf organizations
  • Students and Parents
  • High school guidance and career counselors
  • Adult Education Programs
  • Associate degree programs in ASL

Use our materials!

Our PowerPoint presentation includes video clips of interpreters sharing what they love about interpreting and addresses questions like:

  • “What kind of job market is there for interpreters?”
  • “Where can I go to school to learn how to be an interpreter?”
  • “How much money would I make?”
  • What is the difference between interpreting and translating?

Ambassadors will distribute tracking forms to help us follow prospective students and help them find an interpreting program that suits their needs.

Think of this….

You’ll be doing important outreach even if no one in the audience decides they want to be an interpreter. The next generation of doctors, police officers, and policy makers in the room are our future consumers. The more they understand about the value of our work for accomplishing theirs, the more open they will be to working with interpreters.

Yes, believe it or not, most of the people who have done this will tell you it's an absolute blast!

If interested, please see "Discover Interpreting Ambassador" below.

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Join the .

Tell us what you think of this website. Send an email to .

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Interpreter Education Program Administrator

To increase awareness of interpreting as a career, we need your partnership. How?

  • Join the growing number of Interpreting Education and Deaf Studies Programs that have put a link to on their IEP home page. Feel free to create a link using the Discover Interpreting logo.
  • Encourage your students to join the . Their experiences will help prospective interpreting students learn about programs around the United States.
  • Use Discover Interpreting brochures at your college career days and other promotional events. Brochures can be used as mailers to prospective students. A blank panel provides space for your program's return address label along with an addressee label. .
  • Put up Discover Interpreting posters around your campus and community. .
  • Work with the NCIEC to track the success of this initiative. Write to
    to find out how.

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Discover Interpreting Ambassador

If you are or would like to be an Ambassador, please visit the online space for
Our Ambassador community connects interpreters who are passionate about improving our field by reaching out to diverse groups of potentially excellent interpreters. The purpose of this community is to share presentation protocols, tips, and resources for Ambassadors. Learn from each other what works and how, share resources, discuss challenges, and connect with others.