Interpreting makes a world of difference

Why interpreting?

Interpreting is an exciting career! We get to work with a wide variety of people of all ages, in a myriad of settings and situations.

The demand for interpreters always seems to outweigh the supply, so we can always find work.

Technology is offering new possibilities for the Deaf community and interpreters all of the time. For example, what once required a trip to the pizza parlour to order and pick up a pizza, simply requires a call to the Video Relay Service where an interpreter is waiting to take the video call and interpret the order. The pizza can be delivered!

“As an interpreter, you can be very independent, work on your own, work for yourself, make your schedule, be able to manage amount of work, enjoy learning, know a little bit about everything, computers, zoology, always learning new things and more about interpreting.” – Chris Friedrich