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Many educators and guidance counselors simply do not know that interpreting is a viable career path. In fact, it is intellectually challenging and presents great flexibility and opportunity for those within the profession. Whether you are interpreting for a student in kindergarten or interpreting a lecture on organic gardening, everyday is a new adventure as an interpreter.

In order for us to meet the demand and prepare interpreters for future employment, we need you!

This Discover Interpreting! group began as a part of a federally-funded grant, coordinated by the National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers. This Facebook group began in 2008 and it is a resource for people to post questions, relevant articles and news stories, and also refers folks to the site for more info on beginning a career in interpreting.

The goal is to provide education, resources, and support and the Discover Interpreting! initiative is meant to help guide folks who are interested in pursuing a career in interpreting. People visit the Facebook site for all different reasons, from all different places, at all different ages and stages of life. The group consists of a mix of Deaf and hearing people who want to learn more about interpreting as a career, or who are already professionals affiliated with sign language. The composition of contributors on the Facebook group are as diverse as field so opinions and responses certainly do vary. We ask that posters assume good intent and be respectful and supportive of others in submitting comments to posts.

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To increase awareness of interpreting as a career, we need your partnership. How?
Join the growing number of Interpreting Education and Deaf Studies Programs that have put a link to on their IEP home page. Feel free to create a link using the Discover Interpreting logo.
Encourage your students to join the Discover Interpreting Facebook group. Their experiences will help prospective interpreting students learn about programs around the United States.

Put up Discover Interpreting posters around your campus and community. Order posters now.


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